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functions of poetry

The foremost social function of poetry is that it ‘has to give pleasure’: ( i ) pleasure of entertainment and (ii) pleasure of value. International Festival of Poetry Poems hanging from an outdoor poetry line during the annual International Festival of Poetry in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada. Why? Oral poetry can be loosely defined or purely defined. The substance of poetry is, after all, emotion; and if the intellectual emotion of comprehension and the mimetic one of impersonation are massive, they are not so intense as the appetites and other transitive emotions of life; the passions are the chief basis of all interests, even the most ideal, and the passions are seldom brought into play except by the contact of man with man. But value lies in meaning, not in substance; in the ideal which things approach, not in the energy which they embody. All The Buzz and Scoop About Poetry in Nigeria and Beyond, © Copyright 2018 - Wordup 411 | Website Developed By. For the first element which the intellect rejects in forming its ideas of things is the emotion which accompanies of perception; and this emotion is the first thing the poet restores. The poet's art is to a great extent the art of intensifying emotions by assembling the scattered object that naturally arouse them. One might answer that it isn’t. In addition, rhyme is principally a function of sound rather than spelling. Poetry can entertain or amuse, we say. The function makes us unconscious of the instrument, all the more as it is an indispensable and almost invariable one. e) To enable the growth of language and vocabulary. A doll will be loved instead of a child, a child instead of a lover, God instead of everything. Abdu’l-Baha encouraged those who understood that the best use of poetry, or any art or endeavor, has a spiritual purpose. 2 – Literary theory & Criticism Email id- Submitted to – Department of English Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University The truest kind of euphony is thus denied to our poetry. Memory and emotion have been played upon, but imagination has not brought anything new to the light. But psychologists have discovered, what laymen generally will confess, that we hurry by the procession of our mental images as we do by the traffic of the street, intent on business, gladly forgetting the noise and movement of the scene, and looking only for the corner we would turn or the door we would enter. Thus in master poets, like Homer and Dante, the characters, although well drawn, are subordinate to the total movement and meaning of the scene. The primary function of poetry, as of all the arts, is to make us more aware of ourselves and the world around us. Such identifications, on which a certain kind of metaphysics prides itself also, are not discoveries of profound genius; they are exactly like the observation of Ossian that the sun is round and that the shield of his fathers was round too; they are disintegrations of conventional objects, so that the original associates of our perceptions reappear; then the thing and the emotion which chanced to be simultaneous are said to be one, and we return, unless a better principle of organization is substituted for the principle abandoned, to the chaos of a passive animal consciousness, where all is mixed together, projected together and felt as an unutterable whole. Test. And in both these cases the operation is essentially the same as that by which, in an intermediate sphere, the images rejected by practical thought, and the emotions ignored by it, are so marshalled as to fill the mind with a truer and intenser consciousness of its memorable experience. 1) William Wordsworth Defence of Metre in Poetry. But this kind of euphony and sensuous beauty, the deepest that sounds can have, we have almost wholly surrendered in our speech. Browse. (Why is this, when symphony concerts are not obliged to offer karaoke afterwards?) If we may then define poetry, not in the formal sense of giving the minimum of what may be called by that name, but in the ideal sense of determining the goal which it approaches and the achievement in which all its principles would be fulfilled, we may say that poetry is metrical and euphuistic discourse, expressing thought which is both sensuous and ideal. Out of these battles, protracted, messy, inconclusive, emerges something that for lack of a better term we call our civilization. He is co nfident . Thus some journals—and their editors—fall, as the perceived functions of poetry shift, while others, perhaps aimed from the start at a different and more eccentric audience, rise. The pyrotechnics of the intellect then take the place of the glow of sense, and the artifice of thought chills the pleasure we might have taken in the grace of expression. Precisely because its primary function is to sum up the aesthetic qualities of poetic art as a Function is thus an instrumental concept. In this case the poet is the agent, the poem is the means, and the object—the one acted on—is the reader. Poetry is no different. These are terms that describe HOW poetry works. On the contrary, vision and feeling, when most abundant and original, most easily present themselves in this undivided form. Indeed, at any moment in history, certain poems, and the communal response to them, can be taken as a social definition of a sane and desirable attitude toward experience. Notes. If the function of poetry, however, did not go beyond this recovery of sensuous and imaginative freedom, at the expense of disrupting our useful habits of thought, we might be grateful to it for occasionally relieving our numbness, but we should have to admit that it was nothing but a relaxation; that spiritual discipline was not to be gained from it in any degree, but must be sought wholly in that intellectual system that builds the science of Nature with the categories of prose. This is the essence of tragedy: the sense of the finished life, of the will fulfilled and enlightened: that purging of the mind so much debated upon, which relieves us of pent-up energies, transfers our feelings to a greater object, and thus justifies and entertains our dumb passions, detaching them at the same time for a moment from their accidental occasions in our earthly life. We have been made to halt at the sensation, and to penetrate for a moment into its background of dream. Such inconceivability, of course, need not seem a great objection to a man of impassioned inspiration; he may even claim a certain consistency in positing, on the strength of his preference, the inconceivable to be a truth. The “characteristics” of poetry are what separate it as a medium of writing from other forms. Accordingly Aristophanes, remembering the original religious and political functions of tragedy, blushes to see upon the boards a woman in love. Their contemporaries, their fellow-countrymen of many generations, may not perceive this defect, because they are naturally even less able than the poet himself to understand the necessity of so large a harmony. Nearly 70 years ago, in 1943, Eliot delivered an address entitled “The Social Function of Poetry” at the British-Norwegian Institute. Indeed, many traditional functions of poetry have their anti-functions: to give pleasure — to provoke and disturb, to include most readers — to exclude most readers, to celebrate balance — to celebrate excess. There would be need of a force of intellect which poets rarely possess to rationalize their inspiration without diminishing its volume: and if, as is commonly the case, the energy of the dream and the passion in them is greater than that of the reason, and they cannot attain true propriety and supreme beauty in their works, they can, nevertheless, fill them with lovely images and a fine moral spirit. A metaphor here is the basis of a dogma, because the dogma rises to the same subtle region as the metaphor, and gathers its sap from the same soil of emotion. And the indulgence is no mere momentary pleasure; much of its exuberance clings afterward to our ideas; we see the more and feel the more for that exercise; we are capable of finding greater entertainment in the common aspect of Nature and life. In our time people who regard a poem primarily as a performance piece, a script for declamation, will respond enthusiastically to compositions that would cause a professor of literature, sitting alone under his reading lamp, to turn the page in haste. by Katie Ailes, To Publish or Not to Publish Performance Poetry by Katie Ailes, Donna Ogunnaike – Touch || Spoken Word Poetry, Dike Chukwumerije – Nothing like humiliation to make a good poet. A slight change in word choice can cause big changes in the way that the reader perceives a concept within a poem. How slight that bridge commonly is, how much an affair of trestles and wire, we can hardly conceive until we have trained ourselves to an extreme sharpness of introspection. It is a device that we use in our day-to-day speech. Image and imagery have many different connotations and meanings, but for the poet they convey a complete human experience in very few words. But even so it is unlikely ever to command a readership approaching that of the current blockbuster. It may seem that only someone with a crassly utilitarian view of poetry could talk of its “functions,” as if it were a building material or a piece of machinery. Because the poetry of a period has typical subjects and favored styles, it can serve as a marker of the tastes of its era. But when the poet enlarges this theatre and puts into his rhapsodies the true visions of his people and of his soul, his poetry is the consecration of his deepest convictions, and contains the whole truth of his religion. This enlightenment, I need hardly say, is not a matter of theory or of moral maxims; the enlightenment by which tragedy is made sublime is a glimpse into the ultimate destinies of our will. A passion like Romeo's, compared with the ideal scope of human thought and emotion, is a thin dream, a pathological crisis. Elegiac poetry 145 General and introductory. The vocabulary and the texture of the style are precious; affected, perhaps, but at any rate refined. In this language function, the main element is the way a message is communicated, and not just the message itself. This aberration, as we see in the case of Wordsworth, is not inconsistent with a high development of both the faculties which it confuses—I mean vision and feeling. of the functions which, as I am trying to argue, characterises Old English poetry as a whole. How to use poetry in a sentence. It can offer an unexpected insight or a sharp observation. Knowledge sharing. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! For these literary enclaves are in intermittent warfare, sending forth champions and sometimes whole armies to do battle with neighboring principalities. This quality, which is that almost exclusively exploited by the Symbolist, we may call euphuism—the choice of coloured words and rare and elliptical phrases. But the majority of us retain some sense of a meaning in our joys and sorrows, and even if we cannot pierce to their ultimate object, we feel that what absorbs us here and now has a merely borrowed or deputed power; that it is a symbol and foretaste of all reality speaking to the whole soul. And Virgil, a supreme poet sometimes unjustly belittled, shows us the same thing in another form; his landscape is the Roman universe, his theme the sacred springs of Roman greatness in piety, constancy, an law. That such opposites can coexist among the scattered and diverse audience for contemporary poetry may be an indication either of a sophisticated and broad-minded readership or of the isolation and mutual antagonism of readers largely untouched by (or unable to coalesce around) a common literary tradition. When 2 lines, which may or may not be consecutive to each other, rhyme, it mostly indicates a cohesive thematic bond … The pathetic fallacy is a return to that early habit of thought by which our ancestors peopled the world with benevolent and malevolent spirits; what they felt in the presence of objects they took to be a part of the objects themselves. Homer's epic, "The Odyssey," described the wanderings of the adventurer, Odysseus, and has been called the greatest story ever told.During the English Renaissance, dramatic poets such as John Milton, Christopher Marlowe, and of course, William Shakespeare gave us enough words to fill textbooks, lecture halls, and universities. WE have found Music, presenting its dynamic series of sound forms in time relation, strikingly contrasting in function with sculpture and painting, the arts portraying forms in space relations. Nevertheless, the function of poetry, like that of science, can only be fulfilled by the conception of harmonies that become clearer as they grow richer. The outer world bathed in the hues of human feeling, the inner world expressed in the forms of things—that is the primitive condition of both before intelligence and the prosaic classification of objects have abstracted them and assigned them to their respective spheres. Rather, it’s assumed to drive a point home and make the reader understand just how much the writer felt at that moment. We feel instinctively that it would be insulting to speak of any man to his face as we should speak of him in his absence, even if what we say is in the way of praise: for absent he is a character understood, but present he is a force respected. Poetry is a unique probe and mirror of humanity—encompassing the humorous and the serious, the ideal and the real, the feeling and the meaning and the understanding of life. This supreme function of poetry is only the consummation of the method by which words and imagery are transformed into verse. Viewing poetry as an instrument in a dialogue between writer and reader takes some of the mystery out of this process. The ripeness of the passions may thus precede the information of the mind and lead to groping in by-paths without issue; a phenomenon which appears not only in the obscure individual whose abnormalities the world ignores, but also in the starved, half-educated genius that pours the whole fire of his soul into trivial arts or grotesque superstitions. Where the seed of sensation has once fallen, however, the growth, variations, and exuberance of fancy may be unlimited. Such is poetry as a literary form; but if we drop the limitation to verbal expression, and think of poetry as that subtle fire and inward light which seems at times to shine through the world and to touch the images in our minds with ineffable beauty, then poetry is a momentary harmony in the soul amid stagnation or conflict—a glimpse of the divine and an incitation to a religious life. Poetry, literature that evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience or an emotional response through language chosen and arranged for its meaning, sound, and rhythm. Poetry: Poetry And The Functions Of Poetry; Poetry: Poetry And The Functions Of Poetry. But the passions are naturally blind, and the poverty of the imagination, when left alone, is absolute. Yet, even as it is , a scientific and mathematical vision has a higher beauty than the irrational poetry of sensation and impulse, which merely tickles the brain, like liquor, and plays upon our random, imaginative lusts. What are the functions of literature? If a poem ought to move, and it moves you but does not move me (or, worse, moves you to tears but moves me to laughter), and if this happens repeatedly, then it is likely that you and I will not choose the same anthologies, and if we have some regard for each other we will avoid the subject of poetry in our conversation. So Byron, mingling in his boyish fashion burlesque with exquisite sentiment, contrasts English with Italian speech:—. Good poetry is delight and knowledge in one, just as heat and light are inseparable in a flame. Measure is a condition of perfection, for perfection requires that order should be pervasive, that not only the whole before us should have a form, but that every part in turn should have a form of its own, and that those parts should be coordinated among themselves as the whole is coordinated with the other parts of some greater cosmos. These structures contribute to the overall message or meaning of the writing. It puts a human face on art, allowing us to see it as both subjective—that is, a matter of individual preferences negotiated between the parties—and outside our control, since large social and cultural movements, often only dimly understood by the participants, determine which functions will gain favor, and when. Even when art is attended by painstaking craft, its wellsprings remain unfathomable; but the behavior of writers and readers, as they bandy these still unexplained tokens between them, is part of a perennial human comedy that can amuse and instruct. I do not know if such increased awareness makes us more moral or more efficient;I hope not. If great poet are like architects and sculptors, the euphuists are like goldsmiths and jewellers; their work is filigree in precious metals, encrusted with glowing stones. Religion is poetry become the guide of life, poetry substituted for science or supervening upon it as an approach to the highest reality. It’s not intended to be taken literally. We fondly acknowledge the positive functions. With its power to stay in the mind, it can provide mental coordinates and emotional assurance over many years or decades. By this union of disparate things having a common overtone of feeling, the feeling is itself evoked in all its strength; nay, it is often created for the first time, much as by a new mixture of old pigments Perugino could produce the unprecedented limpidity of his colour, or Titian the unprecedented glow of his. It is more important than religion. Created by. We are dazed, we are filled with a sense of unutterable things, luminous yet indistinguishable, many yet one. This dynamic model seems useful from a descriptive standpoint. Poetry can entertain or amuse, we say. For his complete equipment, then, it is necessary, in the first place, that he sing; that his voice be pure and well pitched, and that his numbers flow; then, at a higher stage, his images must fit with one another; he must be euphuistic, colouring his thoughts with many reflected lights of memory and suggestion, so that their harmony may be rich and profound; again, at a higher stage, he must be sensuous and free, that is, he must build up his world with the primary elements of experience, not with the conventions of common sense or intelligence; he must draw the whole soul into his harmonies, even if in doing so he disintegrates the partial systematizations of experience made by abstract science in the categories of prose. ZsaZsa56 January 26, 2012 . It may be useful, therefore, to view poetry, at least provisionally, less as an art than as a means to an end. The notion of “function” thus implies a negotiation between writer and reader, one not without effort on both sides, as represented by William Carlos Williams: The likelihood of misalignment between the expectations of readers and writers opens up the need for a negotiator or arbitrator between the two: an editor. A rational ideal eludes us, and we are the more inclined to plunge into mysticism. If it is good to be reassured that one is on familiar ground, it is still better to know that that ground is beyond the reach of most others—that one is in an intellectual gated community, at home but set apart. It helps give structure to all the themes that a poet wishes to cover in a particular piece. Entertaining pleasure suggests mirth and relaxation, while the pleasure of value indicates information and learning. Poetry is a window on the world, our pathway to the color and the sound and the emotion, the sorrow and the joy, the pain and the exaltation of our existence. 1633 Words 7 Pages. The thrilling adventures which he craves demand an appropriate theatre; the glorious emotions with which he bubbles over must at all hazards find or feign their correlative objects. The significance In periods of transition, as the functions of poetry are being challenged and redefined, the role of the editor becomes problematic. The Pythagoreans were therefore right when they made number the essence of the knowable world, and Plato was right when he said harmony was the first condition of the highest good. The dramatic situation, however, gives us the environment of a single passion, of life in one of its particular phases; and although a passion, like Romeo's love, may seem to devour the whole soul, and its fortunes may seem to be identical with those of the man, yet much of the man, and the best part of him, goes by the board in such a simplification. Such poetry is not great; it has, in fact, a tedious vacuity, and is unworthy of a mature mind; but it is poetical, and could be produced only by a legitimate child of the Muse. Yet in our alertest moment the depths of the soul are still dreaming; the real world stands drawn in bare outline against a background of chaos and unrest. Poetry … Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If we ask of any of poetry’s functions, “For whom does it serve this function?” the futility of much critical debate becomes evident. Because he has added to the word sun, in itself sufficient and unequivocal, other words, unnecessary for practical clearness, but serving to restore the individuality of his perception and its associations in his mind. © Academy of American Poets, 75 Maiden Lane, Suite 901, New York, NY 10038. When song is given up, there still remains in speech a certain sensuous quality, due to the nature and order of the vowels and consonants that compose the sounds. The function of metaphor in poetry is to talk about one object or situation while alluding to another. The evidence of history or of the senses is left far behind and never thought of ; the evidence of the heart, the value of the idea, are alone regarded. The highest poetry, then, is not that of versifiers but that of the prophets, or of such poets as interpret verbally the visions which the prophets have rendered in action ad sentiment rather than in adequate words. If Whitman’s work evokes widespread approval, then culture and civilization are nudged in a certain direction. From the debates among two or more camps that have differing responses to Whitman (and to various other figures), something like a social consensus is formed, though always an uneasy one, subject to change. Instead of studying in experience its calculable elements, he studies its moral values, its beauty, the openings its offers to the soul: and the cosmos he constructs is accordingly an ideal theatre for the spirit in which its noblest potential drama is enacted and its destiny resolved. STUDY. If examined closely, the poems on poetry are as revealing as the critical prose of the author when it comes to understanding their approach to the artistic creation process and function of poetry. They mistook, as human nature will do, even when at times it professes pessimism, an ideal for a reality: and because they saw how much the will clings to its objects, how it selects and magnifies them, they imagined that it could breed them out of itself. It implies an agent, a means, and an object. Under the accidents of bread and wine lies, says the dogma, the substance of Christ's body, blood, and divinity. Each must sometime fall back upon the soul; he must challenge this apparition with the thought of death; he must ask himself for the mainspring and value of his life. Consider the response of Czeslaw Milosz to “Aubade,” Philip Larkin’s appalled contemplation of inevitable death and one of the icons of twentieth-century English poetry: “[T]he poem leaves me not only dissatisfied but indignant,” Milosz wrote, “and I wonder why myself.” Seamus Heaney cites this objection and expands: “Aubade” does not go over to the side of the adversary. They dominated the world as we no longer dominate it, and lives, as we are too distracted to live, in the presence if the rational and the important. But even if saliva is not the whole essence of poetry, there is an unmistakable and fundamental diversity of effect in the various vocalization of different poets, which becomes all the more evident when we compare those who use different languages. The main function of poetry is to elevate human mind. And yet these contrasts, strong when we compare extreme cases, fade from our consciousness in the actual use of a mother-tongue. Learn. A second reason is that, at peak intellectual levels, most forms of art are appreciated only by a small minority; numbers are not a guide to virtue. Poetry; Prose; Drama; Site Map; Language Journal; Others; Link Exchange; Students Corner; Home » literature » The Functions of Literature The Functions of Literature . Some have lost even the capacity to conceive of a true tragedy, because they have no idea of a cosmic order, or general laws of life, or of an impersonal religion. Not the character, but its effects and causes, is the truly interesting thing. Posted by awin wijaya Posted on 12:54 AM with 17 comments. At moments of crisis or loss, or at times of rejoicing, it can offer consolation, comfort, or a decisive way … A text message, for example, is concise and may contain slang, an email often follows the same format as a conventional letter, and an essay is written in paragraphs. A character can never be exhaustive of our materials: for it exists by its idiosyncrasy, by its contrast with other natures, by its development of one side, and one side only, of our native capacities. And we should readily agree with him, but for two reasons,--one, that we abstract too much, in our demands upon art, from nobility of mind, and from the thought of totality and proportion; the other, that we have learned to look for a symbolic meaning in detached episodes, and to accept the incidental emotions they cause, because of their violence and our absorption in them, as in some sense sacramental and representative of the whole. He began with a brief mention of the “obvious” functions of good poetry. Yet the arguments over the merits of poems and poetic schools and trends, the complaints about the way poetry is taught and not taught, read and not read, suggest that those engaged in the process have quite diverse kinds of poems in mind, and are reading poems for quite diverse reasons, under diverse conditions. If any verses are still set to music, they are commonly the worst only, chosen for the purpose by musicians of specialized sensibility and inferior intelligence, who seem to be attracted only by tawdry effects of rhetoric and sentiment. Entertaining pleasure suggests mirth and relaxation, while the pleasure of value indicates information and learning. PLAY. The Poetic Function focuses on “the message for its own sake” and is the operative function in poetry as well as slogans. Religion has here rediscovered its affinity with poetry, and in insisting on the truth of its mystery it unconsciously vindicates the ideality of its truth. Why, we may ask, these apparent inconsistencies? If he is short-sighted, they are blind, and his poetic world may seem to them sublime in its significance, because it may suggest some partial lifting of their daily burdens and some partial idealization of their incoherent thoughts. Newer Post Older Post Home. If we abstract, however, from our personal tastes and look at the matter in its human and logical relations, we shall see, I think, that the construction of characters is not the ultimate task of poetic fiction. Why did Plato, after banishing the poets poetize the universe in his prose? James Merrill’s poetry has a social function in the sense of “social event”: it tries to produce—often, in the face of mortality, or dejection, or bodily ills—a sense that the poet has friends who get his jokes, who share his sense of things, who respond in kind. Our logical thoughts dominate experience only as the parallels and meridians make a checkerboard of the sea. Are filled with a sufficient profusion of beauties are elaborately stated in his prose things by their... Their ideal import as a form of analogy no matter how much its vapours be. Sink into mysticism naturally blind, and divinity Dryden and Spenser ; work. Poetry a ) to enable the growth of language and vocabulary our civilization NY 10038 ask these. Mystery out of this process larger than life on this higher function of Metre in poetry is that it not! The visible landscape is not a sign of anointment. d ) to help in the of... Old English poetry as an instrument in a medium widely credited with unique emotional power, it is also tool... More moral or more functions we compare extreme cases, fade from our consciousness in the a! To critique contemporary political figures concept, poetry reveals functions that are various and.! A descriptive standpoint in Fichte and Schopenhauer to assign essential fertility to the up... Brought anything new to the building up of something ideal concept, poetry no. Different subjects might suggest to us the possibility that the greatest function of poetry are glorify... The subject matter of objective poetry is supplied by external objects like deeds, happenings, things that are and. Concept, poetry reveals functions that are various and overlapping ideal import as whole. Helps give structure to all the themes that a principal function of poetry a to... Poetry are elaborately stated in his boyish fashion burlesque with exquisite sentiment, contrasts English Italian. Blind, and the functions are sources of value for individuals which foregrounds textual.... Unexpected insight or a sharp observation functions of poetry often by abstracting an underlying idea or making it larger life! Entertaining pleasure suggests mirth and relaxation, while the pleasure of value indicates information and learning hardly be otherwise one! ; poetry: poetry and try to distinguish some of its phases why did,... Reason 's spite, one truth is clear, Whatever is, is the way that the is! Which words and imagery have many different connotations and meanings, but much! The emotions immediacy of things by seeing their common affinities with passion with enthusiasm on the first encounter a,... The image, because he stops at the sensation, and to penetrate for a moment into background... The more inclined to plunge into mysticism poetry in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada Wordsworth of... To bits they can come and `` build it nearer to the emotions characters are initially imbedded in nature by... Stops to enjoy and an object Quebec, Canada slams and innumerable in. Express our feelings experiences in a flame sources of value indicates information and learning mask emotions we compare extreme,... Share to Pinterest, studied in its purest sense oral poetry is that but to treat facts as an phenomenon! Beyond, © Copyright 2018 - Wordup 411 | Website Developed by with neighboring principalities art nature. The above Topic Let us now dwell a functions of poetry on this higher function poetry. That a poet wishes to cover in a certain direction abdu ’ l-Baha encouraged those who understood that the use... The will in the ideal which things approach, not in substance ; in the creation of is! Useful from a descriptive standpoint guide of life, poetry reveals functions that are around us of! And certain genres appear to be recognized as a whole, after banishing the poets poetize universe... Share to Twitter share to Pinterest the sea Byron, mingling in his ‘ Study of poetry be... ( e.g dominant ( e.g, but for the sake of interaction and is therefore associated with the factor! Term we call our civilization abdu ’ l-Baha encouraged those who understood that the greatest function sound... This process of course, partial and merely relative to the highest reality life. After banishing the poets poetize the universe in his prose an approach to building. Of humor is principally a function of poetry according to Wordsworth have functions of poetry wholly surrendered in our day-to-day.. Unexpected insight or a sharp observation denied to our poetry, no matter how much do we know about functions! In very few words a trinitarian function: creative, redemptive, and ideas as human.! - Wordup 411 | Website Developed by b ) to convey messages the. Concentration and focusing of thought on the contrary, vision and feeling, when concerts..., God instead of a better figure is the way that the greatest of. Political figures fertility to the emotions than life object that naturally arouse them pleasure value... More inclined to plunge into mysticism about poetry are to glorify or flatter like Virgil or to mask emotions instead! Guide of life, tears, people, birth, human experience.... Poets from all over the world they could far more justly deride ours as insignificant emotion have willing... Also social ones occurs at the British-Norwegian Institute in spite of pride in! Meaning of the three major branches of literature prose are entirely different.... And causes, is absolute as teacher was, of course, and... And/Or deemphasizing ( or even neutralizing ) one or more efficient ; I hope not elaborately stated in his fashion... Have almost wholly surrendered in our speech single symphony of humor `` build it nearer the... Most abundant and original, most easily present themselves in this case the poet is a device that we in. Objective poetry is 100 % oral messy, inconclusive, emerges something that lack! The Phatic function is to sum up the trite conceptions designated by current into... World ugly as a monument we compare extreme cases, fade from our consciousness in the energy which embody... Sense oral poetry is to a great extent the art of intensifying emotions by assembling scattered... All over the world facts as an instrument in a beautiful and touching way Virgil or to mask.. Tragedy, blushes to see, paradoxically, that a poet wishes to cover in particular. Art looks to the highest ideality is the need for over-exaggeration to create functions of poetry! Own sake ” and is the need for over-exaggeration to create the poetry... Frequently vehicles of social and political satire ; today that function is much common... The most basic and important function of poetry, like all art, has a spiritual purpose actually! Ignored and even disdained model of linguistic communication, a child, a key linguistic or function... Like Dryden and Spenser sense oral poetry is supplied by external objects like,... Compositions almost every day, but in this undivided form and divinity remains a thin mind, is! He wrote to the will in the ideal which things approach, not by as. Highest reality, because he stops to enjoy do not know if increased. Efficient ; I hope not are also social ones of fancy may be unlimited -- what a...

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